Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is very effective. Many of our clients begin here. Are you are looking for a way to relieve stress and tension? Massage accomplishes this with the simple and profound act of informed, intentional touch.

Maybe you have a nagging ache or pain that never goes away for long. By gently applying skilled pressure and strokes, not only does massage therapy relieve the pain, it can also lengthen and loosen the muscle tissue keeping the pain from returning. I am trained in a wide variety of techniques.

Rates For Massage Therapy

  • 30 Minute Session ~~ $46
  • 60 Minute Session ~~ $74
  • 90 Minute Session ~~ $99
  • (Call for massage package specials)

Medical Massage which is prescribed, billed to a third party, and that requires specialized training and documentation ~~ $31.25 / unit

We offer the following massage therapy techniques:

  • ~~ Swedish
  • ~~ Deep Tissue
  • ~~ Myofascial Release
  • ~~ Neuromuscular
  • ~~ Pre-natal
  • ~~ Trigger Point
  • ~~ Cranial Sacral

Drawing from these massage techniques we craft therapeutic massages that are personal and specific to your needs.

Massage Therapy can be used to offer relief for a variety of issues. Are you stuck with an ache or pain that will just not go away? Maybe it does lessen for a while, but then comes back for seemingly no reason at all. Have you been told that you suffer from Fibromyalgia or an Auto Immune Disorder? Massage can be an effective treatment for these too.

In our experience, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer in massage therapy. It pays to find a therapist who is able to customize their pressure, techniques and approach to each client. Communication is key — before the session in setting goals and expectations, during the session to confirm pressure and depth and finally after for things that you can do to improve your experience.

Sometimes the cause of a pain or its effect lies in an emotional or psychological issue. In those instances, Rob has had a great deal of experience in helping people recognize and address these deeper issues. With clear expectations we will work together to treat the whole person.

We have also worked with a number of hypersensitive clients and understand their unique needs.