Energy Work

Over a hundred years ago quantum physicists confirmed what ancient mystics have known for millennium, we are much, much more than physical matter. Grounded in cutting edge physics and rooted in mysticism, energy work is the ability to affect and improve your physical body via your energetic body. We offer Reiki in the traditional, oriental sense as well as Healing Touch, a western, scientifically grounded approach to energy work.

Rates For Energy Work

  • 45 Minute Session ~~ $60

In order to understand what energy work is and how it can improve the quality of your life, a brief history lesson is important. For millennia humans understood themselves as indivisible – a whole and complete being. It made no sense to try to divide or reduce a person to a group of systems and subsystems.

That changed with the advent of the modern era. Scientists seeking to study humans reduced us into smaller and smaller pieces. With this reduction came specialization. Biology focused on the physical systems such as circulatory, nervous and digestive. Study became solely focused on the material structures of the systems. In time psychology and the study of the brain was added. Much of this was based on the physical, material model established by Isaac Newton. This model explained and sufficed for several hundred years.

At the beginning of the 1900s, our powers of observation had grown to the point of science recognizing that this physical model did not go far enough in describing the world in general or humans in particular. Energy was an important element that could not be defined simply in physical terms. The new model to describe this new complexity, Quantum Mechanics was established.

In the last 100 years we have adjusted our understanding of how the world works to fit this new model. In the last 25 years we have begun to apply these changes to the human being. We are putting the pieces back together as well as recognizing the energetic element as well. We can now observe the human energy fields that surround us. It is thought that soon, we will be able to diagnose diseases energetically, before they become manifest physically.

As our perspective has evolved, we have rediscovered the wisdom known by cultures before and un-swayed by Newtonian Physics, these human energy fields can be influenced and health can be improved. Rob has studied and practices both Reiki and Healing Touch. Reiki is a form of energy work from Japan. Healing Touch was developed by nurses working within medical institutions. From a physical level, both are subtle in experience yet profound in result.