Meet Our Team

At Beyond BodyWork we believe in providing our clients with superior service at reasonable prices. We know that you have many options when considering your health and wellness providers. We want to make it easy for you to try out our services as a discounted rate. We also offer specials for frequently returning clients. We also offer discounts for referrals.


My primary objective as a therapist is to form a partnership with my clients to achieve the wellness goals that they have set for themselves. Massage has been a guilty pleasure of mine since I was in high school and would get a celebratory session after the end of each sport season. I realized I was performing better when I was able to pinpoint the parts of my body that were fatigued or in need of extra attention during my workouts. Being able to do something that is so relaxing, but is also helpful in achieving fitness goals was a secret that I wanted to be able to impart on others.

I graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in October of 2016. While there I specialized in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, which allows for me to create specialized protocols addressing the specific needs of my clients. I have an interest in Acupressure and energy work as well, so I like to incorporate these practices into my sessions which I feel provides additional benefits during my sessions.

In my off time I pursue my dream of acting, taking classes and going on auditions. I am a proud dog mom of two, usually lovable, mutts. I enjoy being outside and taking in the wonderful environment that Colorado has to offer us. I love to go hiking and snowboarding whenever I get the chance.



As a therapist my intention for each session is to promote total mind/body relaxation. I cater my sessions to the specific needs of each client, every person is different than the next, I pay close attention to this.

I am a relaxation specialist focusing on a more intuitive, spiritual, and artistic approach to healing.

My style is best described as comforting, healing , gentle and effective.

I love nutrition and health. I spend a lot of my spare time learning more about natural healing and the benefits the vegan lifestyle offers.

On days off I am exploring new vegetarian/vegan recipes at home for my son and me.



I studied massage therapy to help people deal with their pain management and their limited mobility. Most of my work is with lower back pain and or neck pain. But more than that,I want to help people grow through what I see as the reintegration of the body with the mind and spirit.This desire led me to start Beyond BodyWork.

My journey began on the spiritual side. After an undergraduate degree in Business Administration I looked for a career to help people. I continued my education and became an ordained minister. I served several churches in Texas, Connecticut and Colorado. My work helped me connect the spirit and mind sides of life. But it wasn’t complete. I was missing the third aspect of life, our body. Too often it felt to me as though we were living in our heads behind our eyes with little or no sense of the body. In truth, the body is a vital component of who we are. Health is a harmony of self: disease is a challenge to change.

In 2006, I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts, where I learned to combine a wide variety of massage techniques and styles such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal, and neuromuscular.

I continued my education in bodywork by studying with John Barnes in Sedona, Ariz. There I learned new and emerging techniques in myofascial release massage. I also studied under the guidance of Howard Kreiselmeyer in Denver, Colo., learning to attune with a client’s body and determine the most effective massage techniques for relaxation and pain reduction. I have also studied ligament massage with Dr. Ben Benjamin.

I spent five years working in a leading multi-disciplinary clinic in Arvada. There I worked with hundreds of clients, seniors, athletes, and youth who were dealing with moderate to severe neck and low back issues. Finally, I am a reiki practitioner, having studied with a traditional Usui reiki master. Energy is a very important, yet subtle element in health and healing.

My role is to be a gentle and patient guide. I will help you identify the deeper causes of your aches and pains. Together we will work to overcome these. As we progress, I hope to keep your heart light and your spirit bright.

My wife, Betsy, is a vital part of the clinic. You can feel her touch everywhere. She has enlightened me with the power of Aroma Touch Therapy and doTERRA essential oils. When we are not working, we are enjoying the company of our children, aged 22 to 30, a granddaughter, a grandson and our menagerie of orphaned animals.



I am a Native of Colorado and happily married to my soulmate, Andrew, for seven years.

I come from an eclectic background from Interior/Exterior Plantscaping and design, a stockbroker, a Medical Claims Adjuster to a Massage Therapist. I have always loved being able to help people achieve balance in this hectic day and age. Every employed position that I have held has always been to help others in some way. I have always enjoyed the “natural” aspect of spending any amount of my time.

Since birth I have enjoyed receiving massage – literally. I was born 3 months premature and needed open heart surgery at 6 months old. After the surgery they could not give me the average pain medicine because of my critical health. I was given massage to reduce the pain and I just loved it according to my parents. Ever since I could remember I have just loved receiving massages and know of the healing benefits that a great massage can have.

I am a graduate of Denver School of Massage Therapy where I have learned many skillful modalities that I incorporate into every one of my massages. I especially love Deep Tissue, Structural & Movement, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Sports and Cranial Sacral therapy. In every massage that I give I use a little of the modalities above to give the best session that I can.

When I am not giving massages I enjoy spending time with my husband exploring museums, experimenting with cooking new recipes, powwows and Native arts, looking at gardens and giving lots of love to my little “zoo” at home.



I got into Massage because of my Grandma. When I was in middle school, my family and I went up into the mountains to a Hot Spring Spa and I had booked the last available Massage so my Grandma took the available Reflexology session. She had hip surgery the previous year and was still walking with a cane and a limp. After the session, she was noticeably walking different and didn’t even need her cane anymore. She said that she felt light on her feet and her pain was dramatically subsided. That was when I decided that I wanted to learn more about Massage and Reflexology.

I went to the Colorado School of Healing Arts straight out of high school where I learned Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Healing Touch, Trauma Touch, Polarity, and Aromatherapy. I have also furthered my education outside of the school by learning Access Consciousness: The Bars. I love performing Energy Therapies, Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology. However, Reflexology is by far my favorite modality to work with! I am also looking into going back to school to become a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

I am very passionate about healthy touch and helping people to feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. I focus more on the healing aspects of Massage rather than the “spa” type. I work with a wide variety of ailments including IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Edema/Swelling, Sinus Pressure, Headaches/Migraines, Crohn’s Disease, Plantar Fasciitis, Fibromyalgia and Anxiety, just to name a few.

When I am not massaging I am spending time with my husband and 2 furry babies hiking and playing in the rain, snow, or sunshine. We love spending time outside, but also love our movies and tv shows, and spending time with my brother, nephews and in-laws.


  • We offer an Infrared Sauna Buddy Special. Book a sauna session at the regular rate and you can share the sauna with a buddy for only $5.00.