Deals FAQ

I found the building. Now what?
When you enter the driveway of the Troy Centre, go straight, passing the building on your right. Once you are past the building, turn into the parking area. You will see our outside entrance.
This is my first massage, what can I expect?
As Paul Simon puts it so well, ‘you gotta fill out a form first,’. When you arrive, you will be greeted and given a clipboard with two pages. They will ask for some basic information, what your goals are for the session and a brief medical history. These questions will guide us, so the more information you can give us, the better. Other than updating the information, you will not have to fill out any more paperwork when you return.
Is it supposed to hurt?
No. Nor should you ever feel out of control or not know what the therapist is doing. You will determine how much pressure is used and for how long. Most issues can be resolved if we simply take the time to properly warm the area and then gradually increase the pressure. If we rush tings, your muscles will respond by clenching up, not relaxing: calming the muscle our goal. We will then look for muscles that might be pulling the sore area and calm those as well.
Will I dream?
Once you are comfortable, it is not uncommon to ‘zone out’, sleep and yes, dream. I like to say, in most every other profession that would mean I am boring you. In massage, it is a compliment. As we work together, I will learn your pressure comfort level and you will relax. We may talk or not, the choice is yours.
Do I have to undress?
Undress to your level of comfort. If we need to use oils or lotions, or stretch a limb in a particular way, we will discuss that beforehand. No intimate area will ever be exposed. Not only is your comfort important, it will also help us accomplish the goals for the session.
What is that brass thing in the lobby?
My grandfather spent much of his working career in Turkey. He brought this antique room heater home with him. Betsy thinks it looks much better in the clinic, than in our living room!